The State of the Union of Political Tech 2019

Trump Is Not Above The Law Protest, New York City

Resistance and Innovation: 2018 Year In Review


Tech Platforms Force Big Tradeoffs

The Tech Industry Showed Up

What this means for political nonprofits

New progressive and progressive tech coalition models

  1. How to evolve one-off projects into platforms that can actually be used by campaigns?
  2. How to effectively harness the energy of many tech volunteers with only a few spare hours a week? Context switching between software projects in for-profit jobs is a known hard problem. Can volunteer coalitions come up with better onboarding and task management processes to be able to make real use of sporadic volunteer time?
  3. How do volunteer networks do not just effective technical work, but also effective product management work, to ensure we’re collectively solving the right problems at the right times?


  • Who are we trying to reach, and on which platforms?
  • How can we scale messaging across platforms with limited resources?
  • How can we engage safely and with accountability on the big “tech platforms”?
  • When and how should we experiment with new tools?
  • How can we efficiently integrate multiple systems together?



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